UFC Undisputed 3, Now With Less Ads

UFC Undisputed 3, Now With Less Ads

During a recent hands-on we had a chance to take the new UFC Undisputed 3 for a spin and many things were different. One of those elements of discontinuity was the absence of in-ring ads.

In the past two versions of the game there were dynamic ads on the floor of the Octagon itself, that served as space for the UFC to announce upcoming pay per view events and shows on Spike, but in the newest title the Octagon is naked of ads.

When I had first seen the dynamic ads, or ads that would change on a weekly or so basis, I thought it was impressive and actually a cool feature.

After a while of playing it, though, they became more of a nuisance and you could tell that some of the art used for the ads was just slapped together and really started to detract from the game itself. I think the move to eliminate the in-ring ads is a good one from a visual standpoint although I am sure that from a business perspective there were many discussions had.

The developers of UFC Undisputed 3 are working hard to make the experience as authentic as possible right down to the title screen images so I respect them for removing ads that would water down the overall experience just to get some chap advertising message out there.

I support any game company that does the right thing instead of just worrying about the all mighty dollar. What are your thoughts on in-game ads in general? Let us know.