12 Minutes is Getting Close to “the Last Stage of Development” in New Developer Update

12 Minutes is Getting Close to “the Last Stage of Development” in New Developer Update

The developers of 12 Minutes, the upcoming interactive thriller, are preparing for a final build of the game sometime later this year.

With its initial reveal all the way back in 2015, the upcoming 12 Minutes from Annapurna Interactive stuck out for its unique premise as an interactive, narrative-driven thriller that brings players into a time loop. While it’s been some time since we last heard about the game, a new developer update from the team working on the game gives some insight into how the game is progressing and where it stands in development.

Developer Luis Antonio shared a new blog post on the official website for 12 Minutes that gives an update on the game’s status at the start of 2021. Specifically, Antonio gives a thorough breakdown of “the last steps” that are needed to finish the game, indicating that (hopefully) it won’t be too far off from releasing sometime later this year.

According to Antonio, “quite a few things are happening” in terms of the actual production of the game, highlighting that one of the biggest focuses on the project right now has been on tweaking and finalizing animations, along with incorporating final sound effects, voice acting, and music. Additionally, Antonio highlighted that optimization will also be a key part of the development process to integrate all of the game’s content, and to complete more platform-specific features like controller support, profile switching, and more.

Ultimately, Antonio mentioned that the team behind 12 Minutes is working to complete a “final build” for the game that “can be played from start to end without any major bugs,” which will then lead into the playtesting process. He added that once the game’s content is “in place and ‘locked,'” then the game will move into “the last stage of development” that will bring it closer to release, including localization and submitting the game for certification. For anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes process of how games are made, the full blog post is worth a read for a closer look at what development has been like for 12 Minutes.

Aside from the development blog post, the most recent update for 12 Minutes was back in August when Annapurna Interactive revealed that Willem Dafoe, James McAvoy, and Daisy Ridley will be voicing the game’s main characters. Following its re-reveal at E3 2019, the title was initially expected to release sometime in 2020 before ultimately being delayed to 2021.

12 Minutes will release for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2021.