12% of Dragon Quest X’s Players Played More than 2,000 Hours in a Year

12% of Dragon Quest X’s Players Played More than 2,000 Hours in a Year

Apparently some Japanese Dragon Quest X players are quite dedicated, as demonstrated by a few statistics shared today by Square Enix during the first anniversary broadcast just aired to celebrate the game’s birthday.

The diagram below shows the hours played by the game’s population, calculated as of July the 31st. Turns out that 12% of the playerbase spent more than 2000 hours in the game in a year. That’s over 83 days, which means more than 23% of their life, sleeping hours included. If we calculate a theoretical average of eight hours of sleep, it’s more than 34% of their time awake.

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Moving on to other statistics, we got a graph of the race of choice (that I translated for your perusal). Not unexpectedly humans are the most popular both for male and female characters. The diminutive pukulipo males are also quite popular, alongside elf females. Ogre females are seen as the “sexy” choice, as you can see from the picture at the top of this post, and they definitely outnumber ogre males. Looks like Japanese players don’t care too much for being super buff and muscular.

Some quick calculator action shows us that genders (at least for characters) are quite balanced, with a 51% of male characters and a 49% of females.

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Moving on to jobs, we learn that thief is the clear winner between base job, with a whopping 20% of the total, while Gladiator leads between the unlockable advanced jobs. Apparently Japanese players aren’t too fond of being an idol in a fantasy game, as the superstar has trouble showing in the table at all, with just 1% of the population.

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Now we can only hope to hear a localization announcement soon, in order to join the stats ourselves. The game’s producer already mentioned that it’s planned, so it should be just a matter of time.