Twelve-Year-Old Fakes Death to Be With 18 Year Old, World of Warcraft Boyfriend

By Kyle Durant

May 2, 2011

We’ve heard of those stories where adults meet each other in Blizzard’s MMORPG, World of Warcraft, and some even become a romantic couple. Well now it seems WoW’s enticing love aroma has afflicted an 11/12 year old girl from New Mexico and 18 year old, Alex Trowell, from Idaho. The two met in World of Warcraft about a year ago and played together for hours at a time. The relationship eventually moved on to cell phones and the internet in stereotypical fashion. To the knowledge of KOB Eyewitness News 4, the parents had no idea what their little girl was getting into. I only hope that if they did know they would have investigated this themselves and taking care of it properly. But they didn’t and the relationship escalated.

Sooner rather than later the 18 year old, Alex, arranged a car drive over to New Mexico to be with his “girlfriend”. We can only assume they planned to play World of Warcraft together. Sadly, we’ll never know as the NM police caught wind of the road trip and called Mr. Trowell instructing him to return home before he could get to the young girl’s house. He obeyed but the couple continued to talk and play together online. A few months later on April 20th, Alex made another attempt to see his girlfriend and succeeded. The young New Mexican girl was given plane tickets to Idaho and to ensure no one would look for her, she left a suicide note for her parents.

The two then reportedly spent a romantic night together when she arrived where “they kissed and he fondled her breasts” but did not have sexual intercourse. Expectedly, law enforcement arrived the next morning and arrested Alex for child enticement and transporting a minor while the girl was sent back home. Alex is now awaiting an appearance in a federal court. All I can say is what were you thinking man?! Of course World of Warcraft is not to be blamed for this event so politicians and parents…don’t start.

[KOB News]

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