13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 1st Anniversary Stream Summary: Seiyuu Comments, Character Popularity Poll, Figures, New Manga, Remix OST Album With New Miyuki Inaba Song

Summary of the 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 1st Anniversary Celebration stream, featuring Jun Fukuyama (Renya Gouto), Kaoru Sakura (Natsuno Minami), Mutsumi Tamura (Tsukasa Okino), Takayuki Ishii (Takatoshi Hijiyama).

November 28, 2020

On November 28, Sega, Atlus and Vanillaware held the 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 1st Anniversary Celebration stream, celebrating the first year anniversary of the Adventure game. Indeed, the creators of Princess Crown and Dragon’s Crown released 13 Sentinels, on PS4 in Japan exactly one year ago, on November 28, 2019. This 13 Sentinels stream, held at Sega’s headquarters, included fan poll results, new goods announcements, a concert, a manga announcement, and more. We detailed everything so get ready and summon your Sentinel.

The stream featured multiple seiyuu from 13 Sentinels: Jun Fukuyama (who voices Renya Gouto). Kaoru Sakura (Natsuno Minami). Mutsumi Tamura (Tsukasa Okino). Takayuki Ishii (Takatoshi Hijiyama). They were all wearing the one year anniversary t-shirt. The stream MC was Tomomi Isomura, as usual with Atlus related streams.

First, through the stream intro, they quickly introduced 13 Sentinels for those unfamiliar with it. Most notably, the nominations and awards the game won so far were listed. They mentioned it got nominated at The Game Awards 2020 for best narrative, and were proud to see it got selected among 5 AAA mainstream games on a worldwide stage. Personally I would have nominated it in everything. Be sure to vote for the game.

13 Sentinels is currently on sale, 39% off, 3 and 9 are pronounced like “thank you” in Japanese, thanking the fans.

Note that this article contains spoilers.

1st Anniversary Stream First Segment: Seiyuu Chat On Their Characters’ Favorite Scenes And Lines

That segment was particularly funny as the seiyuu commented each scene being played back.

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One of Kaori Sakura’s favorite scenes:

When Yuki Takamiya meets Natsuno Minami again at Sakura High School for the first time. Stream timestamp: 12:30.

The seiyuu jokingly noted how they’re polar opposites with Takamiya wearing a long skirt and Minami always being in bloomers. They also mentioned how Takamiya is super cute despite being a Sukeban. Kaori Sakura likes how they say “let’s see each other at school tomorrow”, but then they each get tangled in various events. She also really loves the picture with the two of them when they were kids.

The seiyuu noted how Takamiya’s hair was really short back then. And how it takes years for an ethnically Japanese person’s hair to grow long enough to turn into a ponytail. Meaning once Minami told her she’d look better with long hair, Takamiya pretty much stopped cutting her hair forever.

One of Jun Fukuyama’s favorite scenes:

When Gouto stops a taxi in a stylish way after getting out of the Shikishima building. Timestamp: 15:32.

Fukujun explained it’s impressive because it shows how confident Gouto is overall. And how most taxi wouldn’t stop for a high school student. Fukujun also said if it was him trying to stop a taxi like that back in high school, he’d be so stressed his hand would be shaking. He loves the contrast between Gouto’s uncouth way of walking, like if he’s always in a hurry, and his ultra stylish gesture just for calling a taxi.

Fukujun added that his way of stopping a taxi is similar to Gouto’s. Taking the pose, Fukujun: “Most taxi actually don’t stop when you do this lol. So I just end up raising my arm normally”.  Lastly, the three other seiyuu jokingly all posed to show how they’d stop a taxi.

One of Takayuki Ishii’s favorite scenes:

When Hijiyama gets jealous and punches Ogata after Okino confesses to him.Timestamp: 21:36.

When they recorded the Prologue demo, the script didn’t talk about Yakisoba Pan or Okino yet. It only said “Hijiyama Takatoshi is like a cool big brother to the others”. As such, Ishii first though Hijiyama would be a really cool and serious character. Not a comedy type one. But he really liked how he turned out.

One of Mutsumi Tamura’s favorite scenes:

The scene with Okino and Hijiyama from the future discussing and being lovey dovey.Timestamp: 25:13.

Mutsumi Tamura mentioned that at the first two recordings for the Prologue demo, she felt there’s something going on between Okino and Hijiyama, so she asked Vanillaware (probably scenarist George Kamitani): “They’re hooked up ? Or they will hook up later at least right?”. She was told “Huh? What are you talking about? They aren’t”. However, later on, she got the script for this scene, confirming they’re together, and she was like “These two are totally doing it though!!”. As such, Jun Fukuyama hypothesized that maybe George Kamitani actually got the idea to make Okino and Hijiyama into a couple after Tamura mistook them as one.

The discussion shifted towards the recording sessions. The seiyuu explained that when dubbing the game, they got the script in parts, so they recorded without knowing the full story. For example, Fukujun recorded his lines in disorder. And it was pretty complicated too since his story is unlocked after nearly everyone else, and has a lot of complicaetd Kanji. Fukujun explained he wasn’t really confused though, as the explanation of the game tied with the script explained everything well. He chatted with the staff before recording too.

Tamura to Fukujun after that part:”You’re a genius huh”.
Fukujun:”Yeah, sadly, I’m actually a genius.”
Tamura: “Just like Gouto.”
Fukujun “I’m not as cool sadly…”

(When voicing games and anime, seiyuu  most of the time record separately as they have different schedules).

Back in the July 19, 2019 stream, Takayuki Ishii and Kaoru Sakura had mentioned they didn’t record most of their characters’ lines yet. Even though the game is fully voiced. This is one of the many elements showing 13 Sentinels had a troubled development and George Kamitani polished the script till the last second. Usually, dubbing in Japanese games is done very early in development, not four months before release. (Or not done at all, when they want to keep polishing the script, just like how Dragon Quest XII originally wasn’t voiced in Japan).

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 1st Anniversary Stream Second segment: Fan Polls Results

Favorite characters fan poll results

Fukujun joking before the results: “I just hope Hijiyama doesn’t get first place”.

They first revealed 10th to 4th position:

10: Kisaragi Tomi: 166 votes.

9: Kurabe Juuro: 176 votes.

8: Ogata Nenji: 193 votes.

7: Fuyusaka Iori: 213 votes.

6: Miura Keitaro: 237 votes.

5: Yakushiji Megumi: 271 votes.

4: Okino Tsukasa: 302 votes.

Takayuki Ishii and Mutsumi Tamura were really happy Okino got so high, ahead of some of the protagonists. Tamura felt bad though because none of the characters of the other three seiyuu present were in the ranking yet. Fukujun jokingly was like “I’m a popular seiyuu, my char definitely gonna be first”.

Top three reveal:

3: Minami Natsuno: 305 votes.

2: Hijiyama Takatoshi: 389 votes.

1: Shinonome Ryouko:  448 votes.

The result trolled and first made it as if Ida won, before switching to Shinonome.

Fukujun joking: “Well, I’m a popular seiyuu, I’m sure Gouto was like 11th. I always miss the cut by a very small margin in rankings like this”.

Then the ranking from 11th to 30th was revealed, and Gouto really turned out to be 11th. Fukujun: “SEE?? If you look at this ranking, Gouto is first”.

Tomomi Isomura explained Gouto only missed 10th position by 2 votes. Fukujun: “SEE!!, I always miss those by a super small margin”.

Character popularity poll results 11th to 30th:

11: Gouto Renya

12: Amiguchi Shu

13: Takamiya Yuki

14: BJ

15: Sekigahara Ei

16: Shiba Kyuuta

17: Inaba Miyuki

18: Sawatari Miwako

19: Shippo (Fluffy in English)

20: Chihiro

21: Douji Kiriko

22: Morimura Sensei

23: Ida Tetsuya

24: Aiba Erika

25: Izumi Juuro

26: Kurabe Tamao

27: 426

28: Wajima Takemi

29: Morimura Chihiro

30: Yakisoba Pan

Favorite Start Marker location Fan Poll Results

The seiyuu: “This’ll turn into a fetish discussion right?”

5: Yakushiji, on her stomach: 313 votes.

4: Ogata, on his right ankle: 317 votes.

3: Kurabe, on the back of his right hand: 344 votes.

Fukujun joked how it’s a pretty chuuni pose and you can feel Kurabe could say a line like “I didn’t want to use this…” “Now You’ve made me angry!”.

2: Shinonome, near her left calf: 436 votes.

Well above the others. Jun Fukuyama likes how it mixes modesty and alluring. Mutsumi Tamura mentioned she really likes Ogata’s and Shinonome’s because they’re crouching in a really cool way. She added the way Shinonome crouches is a nice contrast to her usual languid behavior. Her favorite Starter location is Takamiya’s though, on her neck.

Fukujun: “This is totally a fetish dscussion now.”

1: Fuyusaka, on her right thigh: 834 votes.

Fuyusaka got way higher votes than the others.

The ranking trolled and first made it as if Hijiyama won, before switching to Fuyusaka.

Fukujun: “Everyone got bought over by the Chirarism” (teasing and making it as if you can see the underwear, but you don’t). Mutsumi Tamura  mentioned Fuyusaka is raising her skirt pretty high too so you can clearly see without seeing. Overall the seiyuu explained the pose is both cool and cute, and Fuyusaka feels like the perfect, invincible JK. She’s also the first protagonist you see activating her Sentinel, in the intro, so it leaves a big impression.

Nacchan got 10th place. Gouto was 11th again. Hijiyama was 12th. They didn’t reveal the full results. Tamura noted the ones who got last places are those with the Start marker on places harder to fetishize.

Okino has no Start marker. Tamura mentioned that at a previous event where they discussed spoilers with fans, they agreed that Okino would have his Start marker on the nape. Because that’s erotic. Fukujun invented a BL scenario on the post with Hijiyama hugging Okino from behind and touching his nape.

Tamura: “Wait I’m getting excited now”.
Fukujun: ‘Yeah I’m good at making that stuff'”

Kaoru Sakura also mentioned Okino could have his Start marker on his ring finger. The other seiyuu all rolled with the idea: when he’d activate it, there’d be church bells ringing like at a wedding, and he’d throw a bouquet.

Next segment: Fan favorite scenes and dialogue lines from the characters whose seiyuu were present on stream: Gouto, Okino, Minami, Hijiyama.

Fan favorite scenes and lines for Gouto (Jun Fukuyama):

The list includes princess carried Fuyusaka, when he stops the taxi, and the scene where Chihiro asks him if he has a kindergarten uniform fetish. The seiyuu jokingly noted that Gouto technically doesn’t deny it, as he only answers “you don’t like these clothes? I thought it’d be perfect to not stand out seeing your appearance.”

Fukujun explained while that’s one of the first scenes in Gouto’s scenario, he recorded it pretty late. So he kinda thought it really was some kind of grudge play. With Gouto being an S and thinking like “now that Morimura Sensei looks like this I’m above her in the eyes of society”.

Tamura: “When you think about it this way, this scene could be super risky lol. And so funny.”
Fukujun: “I know right? So that’s why I actually voiced it in a super serious way.”
Tamura: “That also makes it funny in a way”.
Tomomi Isomura: “If Chihiro obstinately refused to wear the kindergarten uniform, what kind of outfit do you think Gouto would have brought instead?”
Fukujun: “Something that would have made her regret not picking the kindergarten uniform. Something that’d really embarass her. Like a Shichi Go San kimono”
Tamura: “So instead of something naughty, something that’d make her stand out”
Fukujun”Yeah, Gouto would be like: So, please tell me which do you prefer between the kindergarten outfit and the Shichi Go San?”

Fukujun voiced the line live too. With the help of Ishii, who voiced the Chihiro line: Timestamp: 49:05.

Fan favorite scenes and lines for Okino (Mutsumi Tamura):

Mainly all the times when Okino is lovey dovey with Hijiyama. In particular, they had a lot of fun voicing the scene when Okino tied up Hijiyama. Tomomi Isomura mentioned how a lot of characters in 13 Sentinels has some kind of fetish when you think about it. Mutsumi Tamura was really hyped voicing this scene because she usually doesn’t get to voice characters offensively seducing someone like Okino does there. They did multiple retakes because it’s supposed to be a serious scene but they’d make it have too much sexual tension. Ishii would make Hijiyama moan suggestively for example. Tamura also voiced the “Hijiyama, you’re such a pervert” line live, followed by an hilarious reaction and exchange between Ishii and Fukujun:

Fan favorite scenes and lines for Minami (Kaoru Sakura):

Scenes include her first meeting with BJ. The first time she summons her Sentinel. And when she hides in the toilet.

Fukujun: “Since we keep talking about it I see BL instead of BJ”

Kaoru Sakura and all the seiyuu mentioned the toilet scene left a big impression. Sakura wanted to record in the same state of mind as Minami was, without knowing what was happening, so she didn’t ask. When she recorded that part, the sound effects weren’t done yet too, so she could imagine they were fighting from the dialogue, but all the seiyuu was shocked to hear how violent and immersive the scene is in the final game with the sound effects.

Jun Fukuyama jokingly mentioned how they could actually tell in which toilet Minami was hiding since usually toilet doors stay open. And how in another game or anime, after the fight, someoe would have said a: “I know you’re in there” cliche line.

Kaoru Sakura voiced the “what’s happening, everything’s quiet” Natsuno Minami line at the 56:54 timestamp. Fukujun manipulated the flow of the discussion pretty well so when she says it everyone is actually quiet.

Fan favorite scenes and lines for Hijiyama (Takayuki Ishii):

Mainly Yakisoba Pan related. Also when he activates his Sentinel.

Fukujun joked that if you look at the riverbank scene without context, it’s like the Yakisoba Pan was a child Hijiyama knew who tragically passed away in an incident and now he’s mourning the child.

Takayuki Ishii mentioned he realy likes the attention vanillaware gives to food. Moreover, their games until now didn’t have distinct eating sounds. He really wanted to add that.

Fukujun and Ishii also explained how Hijiyama sounds like moaning suggestively when eating; since he breathes though his nose while. Fukujun expaining it so well, because when he tried so at the talk shwo fan event, people though read. t it’s weird. Ishii voiced Hijiyama eating the Yakisoba Pan at the 1:00:18 timestamp.

Still talking about Hijiyama fan favorite scenes, they showed the scene where Hijiyama is eating three Yakisoba Pan but with the English dub. Timestamp: 1:01:08. And how it sounds super erotic. So Takayuki Ishii tried voicing the scene in English too, parodying it and making it even more erotic. 01:02:27 timestamp.  The seiyuu were also shocked how the localization team found the cool translation “My Yakisoba Pan Angel” for “Yakisoba Pan no Kimi”.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 1st Anniversary Stream Goods Announcement segment

First, they mentioned the new books released on November 28, 2020 for the game’s anniversary.

Next were the upcoming goods. Last thing is a BJ towel.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Upcoming figures: Fuyusaka Iori Nendo. Two different Minami Natsuno and BJ figures.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 1st Anniversary Goods

New manga, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Kochira Sector X. A comedy SD 4-koma manga.

The manga will be serialized in Gekkan Bushiroad. Starting in the January 2021 issue of the magazine, releasing on December 8. The mangaka is Taiga Hiiragi. He shared a super cute illustration of Yakushiji and Shippo on Twitter:


More goods including ultra cute plushies. The art were used for the shop specific preorder goods in Japan.

13 Sentinels 1st Anniversary Live Concert:

It was a really cool medley of the game’s masterpiece of an OST. Included Miyuki Inaba IRL singer Fuu Ito with the full version of her song. Seaside Vacation.

After the concert, Fuu Ito shared some comments. She was really happy to be part of the game and to be at its events (she was at the previous spoiler talk with fans as well, doing a similar short concert).

After the concert, a brand new OST album was announced. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Remix & Arrange Album -The Branched-. Basiscape is also making a new song for Miyuki Inaba. The album releases on February 27, 2021. The album cover will be handled by 13 Sentinels artist Yukiko Hirai.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 1st Year Anniversary Stream Final Segment, Stream Ending

Each of the seiyuu shared some final words.

Jun Fukuyama (Renya Gouto): incredibly happy to be part of this project, wants more people to discover the game, looking forward to to books, manga etc.

Kaoru Sakura (Natusno Minami): Wants to erase her memory and replay the game. She loves Boy Meets Girl stories like this.

Takayuki Ishii (Takatoshi Hijiyama): Really happy to have been called for all these events. Asked people who didn’t play the game yet to try it without looking at spoilers or walkthroughs. And just play it. He also recommended it to those who player previous Vanillaware games like  Odin Sphere etc.

Mutsumi Tamura (Tsukasa Okino):Usually don’t play games much but really enjoyed 13 Sentinels. Was a really good experience. You can always play in Easy mode too. Wants more and more people to enjoy the game.

Tomomi Isomura: Wants to do more events like these. Hopefully there will be more.

The stream ended with a special video of all the fanart and messages sent in by fans. You can watch it below:

That’s all for this 13 Sentinels stream. Personally, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is one of my favorite games of the decade. So that was a really great and fun stream to watch. I’m surprised Sega didn’t announce a Switch port though. However, while I would have liked a simple port, I’m not sure how I’d feel about the usual enhanced version that adds a female character voiced by a popular seiyuu. I don’t have the time to play the game twice, even if it’s a masterpiece.

You can grab 13 Sentinels on Amazon if you haven’t yet.

The usual end of stream shot with everyone, and the 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 1st Anniversary Celebration cake:

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