133 Japanese Developers Pick their Game of The Year 2015: Splatoon Beats Bloodborne, Mario and More

133 Japanese Developers Pick their Game of The Year 2015: Splatoon Beats Bloodborne, Mario and More

Yesterday we showcased a list of game developers published by Famitsu, in which 37 creatives picked their favorite games for 2015. Not to be outdone, 4Gamer published its own, and it’s much bigger and detailed, featuring a whopping 133 developers (plus a few voice actors and pro gamers).

The list is quite interesting, and it includes developers from all walks of the Japanese industry, from top executives like Shuhei Yoshida to indies.

Notably, while smartphone games are present, they’re definitely not dominant, and the games that received the most preferences are all console titles.


Below you can see the total of preference for each title mentioned (there are very few cases in which preferences include unreleased titles, or titles not released in 2015, and those have been included for the sake of completeness).


As you can easily notice, Splatoon proves to be the winner by a landslide, with a whopping 24 preferences. 18% of the developers in the list loved Nintendo’s shooter. Following far behind, with eight preferences each, there are Bloodborne and Super Mario Maker, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Fallout 4 with 7 preferences, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with five votes.

It’s worth mentioning that the fact that console games are prevalent among the preferences of the developers involved, it isn’t because creatives working on mobile games weren’t included. As a matter of fact, many of the respondents do work on smartphone titles. Looks like console games are still alive and well in Japan, at least among those that create them.

That said, it’s impressive to see how Splatoon went from a relatively unknown new IP to a favorite among both fans and developers, and one of the main drivers of the Wii U’s Holiday sales in Japan. The folks at Nintendo EAD 2 definitely have something to be proud of this year.