New Ninja Gaiden 3 Gameplay Video

on March 11, 2012 2:03 PM

Tecmo Koei posted a video showing a quick playthrough of Ninja Gaiden 3’s London stage, giving action gamers a taste of the blood which they crave so very much. In the video, you can watch Ryu slice, glide, stab, flip, kick, climb, and scream his way across the foggy streets of England’s capitol city.

Highlights include a spider-tank battle and an animality (they don’t call it that, but I calls ’em like I sees ’em). At the end of the level Ryu faces off with the game’s antagonist, the Regent of the Mask, who looks like the bastard son of Altaïr and the Phantom of the Opera. Later, he sees some familiar faces, fights a few motorcycles, befriends a hawk, and turns into a monster again. If you’re into all that (and frankly, how could you not be?) then check out the video after the break.

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