14% of Naughty Dog’s Team Are Women; Studio Works Past 9 PM During Crunch; PS4 “A Pleasure to Work With”

14% of Naughty Dog’s Team Are Women; Studio Works Past 9 PM During Crunch; PS4 “A Pleasure to Work With”

Naughty Dog is one of the most visible studios in the industry, especially considering how widely loved their games are, and their thirty year-long history of delivering masterpieces. Yet, there are quite a few things about the house of Uncharted that aren’t widely known.

First of all, we learn, thanks to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Game Designer Emilia Schatz, that roughly 14% of Naughty Dog’s employees are women.

There are ~30 women at ND total, so ~14%. May not seem like much, but it’s unusually high for our industry.

We don’t only get to know the number of ladies working at Naughty Dog, but we also get to see quite a few of them in a lovely group picture:

Women make games @Naughty_Dog! Design, animation, code, level art, concept, character, sound. Name it, we make it.



We also learn that Schatz, together with Naughty Dog Texture Artist Heather Cerlan, ArenaNet Community Team Lead Regina Buenaobra and GameSpot Editor Carolyn Petit hosted a panel yesterday at Gaymer X2 titled “Creating Character: Exploring Queer Identities Through Games

From what we read by following them on various social networks, the folks at Naughty Dog really love their job, but whether they’re women or men, their job can be quite hard during crunch time, and that’s when one of the situations in which the love comes into play, as mentioned by Lead Programmer Jason Gregory, responding to a fan asking if they work past 9 PM every day (the question was prompted by a picture of the authoring system showing timestamps):

Only during crunch, thankfully! It’s a labor of love, but we try to strike a healthy balance.

While working after 9 PM is always difficult (even if it’s refreshing to see this kind of dedication), Gregory also mentioned that Sony made working on the PS4 a quite pleasant experience:

PS4 is definitely easier-entry than PS3. Sony listened to devs and made the PS4 a pleasure to work with overall.

One thing is for sure: it’s definitely a pleasure for us to enjoy the fruits of Naughty Dog’s labors of love, and it’s refreshing to see the studio pushing for diversity and creativity.