TSG is Re-Imagining Competitive Gaming in NYC

By Joel Taveras

January 26, 2010

A couple of weeks ago DualShockers was fortunate enough to be invited to arguably one of the best gaming events we’ve been to in the New York City area. Notice how I didn’t say the word competitive before the word gaming? Well that doesn’t mean that there weren’t competitive matches or games to play, it’s just that there was so much more to it than that.

The event was organized by New York City based “competitive LAN establishment” TSG and was located in a place you would never think you would see a video game for miles – the trendy Chelsea night-life district. When you entered the second story loft, you quickly noticed that these guys aren’t amateurs and they definitely know how to throw a party.

The place was filled to the brim with flat screen TVs as well as two 100+ inch projectors. They also had a setup in the center of the room which consisted of a circle of monitors that looked as official as something you would see at E3. The music was loud and pumping all throughout the day courtesy of a professional DJ crew and there were plenty of soda and red bulls to keep the gaming going the entire time.

There were prizes awarded, and the lucky (and SKILLED) gamers took home a total of $2000 in cash and prizes for competing in Street Fighter IV, Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3, and Madden 10.

TSG puts together events that feel more like a gaming festival than a competition, which to me is the best part. Those who wanted to come and just hang out we’re welcomed to do so as there were plenty of free-play areas available. So while some were there to compete, their friends or significant others could be playing some (casual) MW2, Wii, or even lounging on a couch while playing Uncharted. Now does that sound like a nice way to spend a Saturday or what?

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I have to say I’m really impressed with TSG as they have come a long way, as a company, in such a short amount of time and DualShockers will definitely be watching this grow every step of the way. New York City, in my opinion is home to some of the best gaming talent in the country (Street Fighter especially, shout out to Justin Wong) and thanks to TSG for setting up such an awesome event where local players can showcase their talent.

In closing, I just want to leave you with a few words from TSG’s main man that pretty sums up what it is they want to achieve and that I feel they already have:

“We are dedicated to bringing the best experience in competitive gaming while making it also enjoyable for spectators. Through the use of industry proven equipment/technology and a staff committed to making the gaming community vibrate with excitement, TSGaming is here for the Tri-State area.”

-Frank Pinchinat


Check out some pictures from the event below! Shout out to RawGamePlay as well as Empire Arcadia!

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