$149.99 Founder’s Pack for ArcheAge Allows for Alpha Testing

on May 2, 2014 12:05 PM

Founder packs are not uncommon when it comes to MMO’s. A pre-order will typically allow for a player to gain early access to the game as well as an automatic free pass into the beta testing. At the top end of ArcheAge’s Founder Packs, published by Trion, not only are there several bonus items and access into the closed beta tests, but there’s also a chance to be an alpha tester as well.

For $149.99, the Archeum Founder’s Pack will buy you a new cloak, some pet healing potions, the ability to put your own crest in-game, the Desert Assassin platemail sets, a mount, and much more along with the four day head start. You’ll also gain access to both alpha and beta testing.

If you chose not to drop that kind of cash, they also offer $99.99 and $49.99 packs as well, but those will only open up beta and the head start for you in addition to a handful of goodies.

Alpha testing is currently underway with beta testing starting sometime this year.

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