15 Years of Tomb Raider End with Art Collaboration

on November 7, 2011 9:45 AM

As part of the celebration for the 15th anniversary of the Tomb Raider franchise, Crystal Dynamics, one of Square Enix’s studios, commissioned an 8-piece art gallery featuring the new Lara. The pieces were released to the public all through the month of October and have finally all been debuted.

The artists for the project are composed of three Tomb Raider artists, two from Crystal Dynamics studios, one from Eidos Montreal, and two new artists “chosen for their unique styling”, according to the press release. The piece featured in this article is the work of Brian Horton, the Senior Art Director for Tomb Raider.

All 8 pieces (also uploaded in several wallpaper and icon formats for the true fan) can be found here.

Also as part of the celebration, Crystal Dynamic has partnered with The Nerd Machine to bring t-shirt and prints of the art to the public for purchase. Some of the proceeds are going to the Child’s Play Charity. There are only a limited number available for sale, so if you have you heart set on Lara’s face across your chest, you might want to hurry.

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