1930’s-Styled Cuphead is Releasing for PC in Late 2014

1930’s-Styled Cuphead is Releasing for PC in Late 2014

A new indie game developed by Studio MDHR is coming late 2014 for PC. Titled Cupheadit is inspired by 1930’s-era cartoons from Fleischer Studios, “old Disney” and artists Ub Iwerks (Micky Mouse), Grim Natwick (Betty Boop) and Willard Bowsky (Popeye).

Cuphead is a retro game that focuses more on gameplay instead of story. The story, which sounds very intriguing, involves our hero Cuphead gambling with the devil, losing, then having to find a way to pay the devil back.


Described as a run-and-gun game with a world that includes branching pathways and bosses, as well as weapons and power-ups. The game will be difficult, however, he will have infinite lives and won’t lose his weapons if he falls in battle, there will also be harder difficulty modes to challenge players.

As of now the game is confirmed for PC and StudioMDHR is “pursuing a console release.”

Check the gallery below for newly released screenshots.