2 Mercenaries Walk Into a Gamestop And Then Comedy Ensues

on January 8, 2010 3:24 AM

If you didn’t already know, when Army of Two mercenaries, Salem and Rios aren’t on their latest mission to save the world from terrorist scum, they put in part-time hours working. Where do they work you ask? Gamestop, duh. The following video is probably the best promo vid iv’e seen from Gamestop yet. In it you’ll see the duo stocking shelves, terrorizing patrons, and rocking out with plastic instruments. It’s done to great affect as the visuals look almost lifelike. And it isn’t all for nothing as they are pumping up an actual promotion, which involves trading in 2 select games and getting $40 towards Army of Two: The 40th day….see the connection? $40 bucks, 40th day… never mind. Just take a look for yourself and try not to laugh.

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