2010 PS3 Role-Playing Extravaganza - Part 2: Cross-Platform Titles, Ports and Re-Makes

How’s that for a long post title? I’ve always looked for a place to use “extravaganza” in the title of a post too, it’s such a fun word to say. Anyway, on to the point. In yesterday’s article I covered console exclusive RPGs coming to the PS3 in the next 12 months and it seems it was a fairly complete listing. One thing I learned from the feedback is that there are quite a few of you wondering where all the Western RPGs are. Here’s your answer: The few that are there are cross-platform titles! At least, all the ones touching the PS3 in the coming year.

As for JRPGs, the cross-platform titles seem to be the bigger budget, less niche variety, to hopefully appeal to a wider audience. Where once certain titles were exclusive to certain consoles, now the love is being spread out to some degree. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it means more coverage of the market in general and, of course, more sales.

I’ll add the same note here that I put in yesterday’s article: I listed the game here if it either has a set NA release date in 2010, is projected for a release in NA in 2010 or has the possibility of releasing in 2010 in North America. In some cases I’ve given the Japanese release date as a point of reference – it could give us a reasonable idea when we would see the game on this side of the Pacific.

Let’s get to it, shall we? As always, if you feel I’ve missed one, let me know in the comments, as I will be doing a wrap-up article as part three in the series in the coming days and may mention suggestions from readers!

Alpha Protocol ~ Spring 2010 (NA): Reminiscent of RPG/shooter mash-ups like Mass Effect, Alpha Protocol follows the undercover adventures of Agent Michael Thorton as he is betrayed and hunted by the United States government, while he attempts to uncover a deeper conspiracy. It promises third-person combat and branching dialog options, much like many other Western-style RPGs.

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Final Fantasy XIII ~ March 9, 2010 (NA): This is the big one – the one we’re all waiting for. FFXIII will be gracing both the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the not-too-distant future and it will sap your life away like a Wraith queen with PMS. (Sorry, Stargate reference.) This gorgeous game will likely be the pinnacle of JRPGs during 2010, across all systems. Will you be going old-school and playing it on the PS3 or are you a fan of disc-swapping, choosing to stick to the Xbox 360 version?

Final Fantasy XIV ~ Spring 2010 (NA): The follow-up to Square-Enix’s decently successful cross-platform MMORPG FFXI, their next online outing promises to be bigger and better than ever, coming to PS3 and PC in 2010. It features the same races (with different names) but a completely different setting. Some of you mentioned in the comments yesterday that this should have been listed under PS3 exclusive titles. After giving it some more thought, I agree with you. The reason I left it off that list is because Square-Enix has said it was in talks with Microsoft for getting the game released on the Xbox 360, as well, but they had to get over the hurdle of gamers being charged twice to play – once for Xbox Live and once for the game itself. This leads me to believe Sony does not have exclusivity on the title. Needless to say, instead of updating yesterday’s post, I just left it here instead, where I originally intended it.

Resonance of Fate ~ 1/28/2010 (JP): Known as End of Eternity in Japan, this action RPG promises to shake things up a bit, dumping the sword and sorcery bit for a more steam-punk, modern feel with characters wielding guns and jumping around with Matrix-like agility. The high production values shine through if you view any of the number of game play videos already available. It also has a high level of character customization – both in stat building and visual appearance. Definitely one to keep your eye on.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope (International) ~ 2/9/2010 (NA): Being re-released on the PS3 this winter, this game was an Xbox 360 exclusive for a year, but its roots are firmly entrenched on Sony’s consoles. Yet another action battle system sits front-and-center as you guys Edge, Reimi and their friends through this sci-fi adventure about humanity’s first steps into distant space.

Tales of Vesperia ~ 9/17/2009 (JP): One of the best JRPGs on the Xbox 360 finally makes its way to the PS3 next year for us here in North America. The re-release has new content, including a new playable character, that isn’t available in the original. It also offers an action-based battle system and follows the trials and tribulations of Yuri as he seeks to get to the bottom of a conflict spurred on by his home nation.

Two Worlds II ~ Spring 2010 (NA): This is the sequel to a 2007 game, this time being released on more platforms than just the PC, including the PS3. You must fight and quest your way to save the world of Antaloor in this high-fantasy Western-style RPG. Hopefully it can stand its ground with the likes of Dragon Age: Origins, Risen and Divinity II – all similar sub-genre games – vying for a spot in your gaming library. Two Worlds II, however, is the only one slated to appear on the PS3 in 2010.

It’s tough for the Western RPG fan these days. As I mentioned to someone in the comments section of yesterday’s article, it seems like Sony can’t really strike a good balance. At least, not as well as Microsoft can. For a couple years it was doing good to offer one JRPG a year for their system, now there’s an overabundance of them (not a bad thing), but they’re slacking as far as the Western variety goes. Here’s hoping for the best, though!

In the coming days I’ll wrap this series of articles up by discussing some other issues, as well as some titles for PS3 RPG fans to keep their eyes on for the months and years beyond 2010.

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