2010 PS3 Role-Playing Extravaganza - Part 3: All the Rest

By Chad Awkerman

December 11, 2009

Looking back on the last couple days, hopefully the coverage of most RPGs slated to arrive on the PS3 during 2010 was sound. It’s a good number, much more than previous years. With all that said, there are even more RPGs heading the way of Sony’s system, but I chose not to put them on the list because their release hasn’t been confirmed in any way, shape or form for 2010.  There’s even one I wouldn’t necessarily consider an RPG, but since the community here asked for it, I’ve added it to the list too, since it does have RPG elements.  Just don’t expect it to happen often, I’m a stickler when it comes to what constitutes an RPG and what doesn’t!

We’ll get to those in a moment, but right now, let’s break this down again in sort of a summary. There will be eight console exclusive RPGs, five multi-platform RPGs and two re-makes heading the way of the PS3 via the Xbox 360. That’s a total of 15 RPGs, most of the Eastern variety, hitting the PS3 in 2010. Fifteen! That’s way more than the one or two decent RPGs per year on the system since its launch. What can we look forward to beyond 2010?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII ~ PS3 exclusive: This is another title in Square-Enix’s Fabula Nova Crystallis series of games. This one seems darker and will have a more action-oriented battle system reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts. With extremely high production values like Final Fantasy XIII, this one is sure to please fans of the series, even though it is considered more of a spin-off.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5 ~ (Most likely) PS3 exclusive: Persona 5 has been inadvertently teased on a couple occasions in the past, even once on Sony’s own web site. It’s a pretty safe bet to say this is in production and, being on a current generation system, has the possibility to be one of the best RPGs of the generation. I just hope upgrading the graphics doesn’t cause the series to lose its charm.

White Knight Chronicles 2 ~ PS3 exclusive: Right around the time WKC received a North American release date it was announced that WKC2 was in production to be released in Japan in 2010. However, given the insanely long localization time of the original (roughly 14 months), I highly doubt we’ll see the second incarnation until 2011. Besides that, does Sony really want to release WKC1 and 2 in the same calendar year?

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Yakuza 3 ~ March 2010 (NA): I personally don’t consider this an RPG, but there are some in the comments who do, so I’ll mention it here for their sake. This much-praised Japanese brawler is heading to North America and Europe in the near future. It has heavy story elements and will retain the Japanese spoken dialog, providing localization in sub-titles only. There’s a possibility we’ll see Yakuza 4 here, as well, which is due out in Japan next year.

All in all, those who own a PS3 and are fans of the role-playing game genre have quite a lot to be happy about in the coming year. How many of these will be hits and how many will be misses is anyone’s guess. But, as RPG fans, we are quite a forgiving bunch, especially those into the more niche titles. What was once a barren stump of a system for RPGs is now blossoming to life. This entire series of articles wasn’t meant to proclaim how great the PS3 is over the Xbox 360 – I’m not like that, I enjoy both consoles equally. This article was for RPG fans, some of whom may have been in the same situation I was in when I purchased a PS3 hoping it to be an RPG powerhouse. What we hoped for at the beginning is finally becoming reality next year.

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