2014 Plans are Revealed for Children of Liberty

on December 28, 2013 4:48 PM

Lantana Games has taken to their Kickstarter blog to assure its backers that their upcoming stealth game, Children of Liberty, will be smoother and polished next year. The company plans to spend 2014 focusing on finishing levels and getting the game to run more accurately and consistently.

The blog states,

Right now our development focus is on content and continuing to go through feedback from local testing. By early 2014, you can expect gameplay to be a lot smoother all around, hold a better framerate, and have many more varied scenarios in gameplay, all with a focus on our core stealth mechanics of hiding, sneaking, and surprising. Right now we are putting some minor, final polishes on the Warehouse, finishing up Long Wharf, and blocking out The Governor’s Mansion. By February we should be starting on The Jail and will have at least begun building the cinematic areas, like Old North Church and The Green Dragon. Schedule allowing, the cinematic areas might even all be done sooner than expected.

There are also plans to finish the voice acting within the year. Despite already revealing a significant amount of the cast, the company is keeping the actor who is playing Paul Revere a secret.

While no release date is announced, City of Liberty is expected to release for PC.

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