Sonic Fox Defeats All Comers to Dominate the 2018 Injustice 2 Pro Series Finals

SonicFox proves his worth once again as he dominates the 2018 Injustice 2 Pro Series grand finals using Joker, Captain Cold, and Black Mantra.

Netherrealm Studios’ superhero fighter Injustice 2 saw its top 16 players gathering last night to see who would become the 2018 Injustice 2 Pro Series champion.

Donning their capes and battling it out for a grand prize of $40,000, many well-known names were present including Scar, TekkenMaster, IrishMantis, and Rewind. However, none of these players seemed to be able to stop Evo champion SonicFox once the wheels were in motion.

Sporting his signature Sonic the Hedgehog headpiece, SonicFox’s wave of destruction started at the very beginning of the tournament when he met with HeeyGe0rge scoring a runaway 3-1 victory. From here SonicFox’s combination of Joker, Black Mantra, and Captain Cold defeated DR Gross, Hayatei, and Rewind to earn a spot in grand finals.

Grand finals saw an all-American grudge between SonicFox’s Joker and Rewind’s Batman who was emerging from the losers’ bracket following a 3-2 loss to SonicFox in winners’ finals. Starting off with a strong display of game knowledge and excellent reads, Rewind claimed the first match. However, SonicFox’s Joker proved to be too much as the renowned fighting game player unleashed a wave of mix-ups on Rewind to keep him off balance. The long and intense match saw many tight rounds before SonicFox secured the 3-1 victory to become 2018’s  Injustice 2 Pros Series champion.

The comic-book fighter Injustice 2 brings classic DC heroes and villains come to life including  Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash along with characters from other comic book universes such as Hellboy and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Injustice 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Eoghan Murphy

Eoghan is a gaming veteran with over 25 years of button mashing experience under his belt, and a particular interest in eSports. When not playing or collecting games, he can be heard presenting and producing radio shows in Ireland.

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