22.2% of Tokyo Game Show Visitors Has a Wii U, 17% a PS4, 2.6% an Xbox One, 3DS and PSP Dominate Portables

22.2% of Tokyo Game Show Visitors Has a Wii U, 17% a PS4, 2.6% an Xbox One, 3DS and PSP Dominate Portables

The Japanese Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association published the results of the Tokyo Game Show Visitors Survey Report, giving us a nice bird-eye view on what consoles are owned and played by the visitors of the most important Japanese trade show.

Within the wealth of data included in the report, a couple tables are quite interesting. Below we see how many visitors own and regularly play each console.


On the left in blue is the data related to Tokyo Game Show 2014, compared with data from the general consumer market data in 2013 (in green). Obviously the percentages for Tokyo Game Show are much higher, as the poll was conducted mostly between gamers.

The lighter rectangle indicates those that own a console, while the darker one indicates those that actually play it. The PSP family is owned by the most respondents, with a whopping 70.2%, but only 38.9% still play it. The 3DS family follows suit, owned by with 70.1% of respondent, but a whopping 54.5% use it regularly, making it the most played console of the bunch. PlayStation Vita is owned by 45% of the respondents, and 35% actually uses it. The Nintendo DS family is still present in the 63.3% of homes, but only 34% of its owners still play on it.

Looking at the new generation of consoles, the Wii U is on top, with 22% of the respondents using it and 20% playing with Nintendo’s console regularly. PS4 follows, with 17% owning the console and 14.6% actually using it to play. Xbox One is not unexpectedly in last place with 2.6% of the respondents owning it and 2.4% playing on it.

Between the old generation of home consoles, the PS3 leads with 62.7% of the respondents having one at home, and it’s still quite used, with 47.3% still playing on it. The Wii follows with 56% of the respondents owning one, but only 34.7% still use it. The Xbox 360 doesn’t do too badly, all things considered. It’s owned by 18% of the respondents and 11.3% still play on it.

Another interesting result is the one indicating the age ranges and gender for each console.


From top to bottom we see the results ofor Wii, Wii U, the 3DS family, the DS family, PS3, PS4, the PlayStation Vita family, the PSP family, the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. The columns on the left represent males, while those on the right represent female respondents for each age range.

Predictably we notice that Nintendo consoles are mostly popular among younger gamers (even if the 3DS is strong across the board). The Wii U is also popular among players over 30. PlayStation consoles are more popular among gamers in their late teens and twenties, while Xbox consoles have a stronger distribution among gamers in their twenties and thirties.