24K Gold PS5 Up For Preorder Through Truly Exquisite

Preorders for the PS5 are long as you want yours made out of gold.

The release for the next-gen consoles has been a hot button topic in the world of videogames. Questions like, “how much will they cost?” “when will they be released?” and “will they be backward compatible?” have been on everybody’s minds. Yesterday, Microsoft announced the release date and the prices of the next generation of Xbox, but there still has been little word from Sony about the PlayStation 5. However, preorders for the PS5 are available through an English company called Truly Exquisite…as long as you want your PS5 to be made out of 24-karat gold.

As you might imagine, a golden PS5 costs quite a penny, but if the nearly $11,ooo price tag (converted from UK pounds) is too much, you might settle for an $850 golden DualSense controller or a $520 golden PS5 headset. Additionally, if you have the cash but don’t love the regular gold color, Truly Exquisite offers an 18-Karat rose gold option as well for about $100 more.

If you’re like me and would never be able to afford anything from Truly Exquisite, the one thing I took away from their announcement is that the price difference between the disc-less PS5 and the standard version is potentially around $100. The website offers gold versions of both PS5 models, and the digital-only disc-less version is £100 (roughly $130) less than the PS5 with a disc drive. That price difference is something that many people have been predicting, but with this new piece of evidence, it seems like it’s becoming more set and stone.

Truly Exquisite is known for making gold plated technology items including iPhones and Samsung phones as well as other expensive luxury items like Swarovski Crystal bedazzled electric cars for children. The preorder for the gold PS5 and its various accessories goes up tomorrow, September 10, and can be found here.

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