Final Fantasy XIV E3 Letter from The Producer Live Recap, Artwork and Video

on June 10, 2014 5:10 PM

Square Enix just held the E3 version of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, and Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida gave quite a lot of information on the future of the game.

Below you can check out a recap of his answers to the fans’ questions:

  • Hug and slap animations will be added as soon as possible.
  • In patch 2.3 the desynthesis system will add more abilities for crafters and gatherers, and that might open the door for relic-type equipment for them in future patches.
  • With the patch that will implement the Frontier area close to Mor Dohna we’ll be able to see what happened to the areas that were destroyed by Dalamud.
  • A “Brutal Mode” of the Binding Coil of Bahamuth will be implemented. It’ll be the original challenge before it was adjusted to make it more doable. It’ll be a lot more random and have less hints on what happens. It’s a test, so loot will be the same. Players will need to have finished
  • Rogue and Ninja will be implemented in 2.4 (Specific info at the link).
  • Private housing should come by 2.38, before 2.4.
  • Players will be able to start learning about the Primal Shiva with patch 2.3.
  • The team wants to make sure that there’s interest for more eight man dungeons in the community before making more.
  • The team isn’t currently thinking about content for whole free companies, because it’s hard to determine for what kind of numbers design it, as there are free companies with 4 members, and others with 200.
  • That said, they are thinking about creating Free Company quests by patch 2.4 so that people can do them by themselves (involving that way both small and big free companies) and contribute towards a common goal.
  • The team is thinking to add effects like shield bash +20 and similar, but they’re very careful in that in order to maintain balance.
  • Free company estates will get an extensive workshop in the basement, and players will be able to build airship in them. The items will be created in a miniature version and then enlarge. Besides airships the team is working on other big items that could be created.
  • Roaming primals are still on the menu, but the team wants to implement them when it makes sense with the story.
  • Marriage: players will be able to pledge eternal love in an “eternal bonding ceremony” regardless of race and gender. Rewards like special mounts are going to be implemented as well.
  • The team is considering a dueling system.
  • The improvement of Zodiac weapons past Novus weapons will include special effects to set them apart. There will be a “final” form, like an “Excalibur-type” which will reward players looks-wise as well.
  • The team realizes that it’s important to allow players to use their buddy chocobo while queued for duty, but they’re focusing on creating new content at the moment, and changing this would slow down the implementation.
  • The UI lead would like to implement different for the HUD¬†settings for different jobs.
  • Fanfest tickets may come with special in-game items.

Below you can also see the artwork and the video that was shown during the broadcast.




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