2D Action Platformer SkyKeepers Launches Today, Gets New Trailer

2D Action Platformer SkyKeepers Launches Today, Gets New Trailer

Sword Twin Studios' 2D action platformer, SkyKeepers, has officially launched on PC, Xbox One and PS4 alongside receiving a new gameplay trailer.

Sword Twin Studios’ 2D action platformer, SkyKeepers, has officially launched today on Xbox One, PS4 and PC via Steam. Alongside the release of the game, we also received a new trailer, which can be seen below.

If this is your first time hearing about SkyKeepers, here is an overview of the story and features, courtesy of Sword Twin Studios:

SkyKeepers is a 2D action platformer following the journey of village chief Tangi, as he desperately fights to reclaim both his world and life. Seamlessly chain together various attacks and combos, launching foes skyward. When they’re airborne, teleport to your still hurtling foes to maintain the onslaught in visceral mid-air combat. Use the O’na left behind to repair the once great Skykeeper Village. As the village grows, Tangi unlocks new attacks and skills allowing for unique fighting styles to evolve.

A Chief fighting to recover
A tragic accident spirals Tangi into despair, turning him to stone. Unprotected, the village suffers onslaught after onslaught of unkept hostile spirits, called Wa’Kine, who now flood the islands. A year passes before Tangi awakes, emerging from his skin of stone to give witness to the devastation of his absence. Picking up his axe, he must conquer the demons of these lands to rebuild his village. To rebuild himself.

Key Features

  • Clever 2D combat with a twist, keep your combo going and your enemies airborne by teleporting to them mid-flight
  • Unique journey through a fantasy world inspired by oceanic Austronesian culture
  • Customize how you fight with unique special attacks then craft crests that alter and change your attacks letting you customize how you play
  • Intuitive controls that let you get in the action and stay there
  • Craft daggers, bombs and potions to help you dispatch the Wa’Kine
  • An impactful story that explores the stages of grief
  • Charming and distinctive art that creates a striking visual experience

SkyKeepers is available starting today on Xbox, PS4, and PC via Steam for $14.99.