2D Platformer The Lost Bear Announced for PlayStation VR

2D Platformer The Lost Bear Announced for PlayStation VR

The Lost Bear announced for PlayStation VR, and apparently it is coming pretty soon.

Today, developer Oddbug Studio and publisher Fabrik Games (developer and publisher behind PC and PS4 title Filthy Lucre) announced The Lost Bear, a 2D platforming game for PlayStation VR.

According to the developer, in The Lost Bear, you will immerse yourself in a hand-drawn world and help Walnut on her journey home through a mysterious land corrupted by a toy stealer called the Snatcher. In the game you will play using a “unique combination” of 3D VR enviroments and 2D platforming to solve puzzles and rescue Walnut’s teddy bear from the Snatcher and his hounds and find her way back home.

Further details on the game are currently scarce, including no provided price-point nor release date beyond “coming soon.” Further, there is currently no clear indication on whether the pair plan on bringing the game to other VR platforms, such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. All of that being said, it appears the game is 2017 bound, which will be nice for PlayStation VR owners who currently don’t have many new titles to play.

Below, you can check out the game’s debut/announcement trailer, which comes in at one minute and 26 seconds and does a good job of showcase the nice, hand-drawn artwork that I find oddly pretty emotional.