2D Story-Driven Game Lydia Releases; Trailer Shows Alcoholism’s Effects on Children

2D Story-Driven Game Lydia Releases; Trailer Shows Alcoholism’s Effects on Children

Lydia is a story-driven adventure game by developer Platonic Partnership Ltd., which demonstrates how one one girl copes with her parents' continued substance abuse by entering a dark, imaginary world.

Platonic Partnership Ltd. has announced the release of its 2D sidescrolling title, Lydia, which tells the tale of a young girl who must cope with her parents’ continued substance abuse. The game has also received a launch trailer, which demonstrates just how gritty this rabbit hole will be.

Lydia tells the dark story of a small child’s perspective on her parents’ alcoholism by placing players within her imagination. This point-and-click adventure game aims to tell a grim and mature story while also offering unique themes to the digital platform. The developer claims to have created a compact structure to ensure that story comes through first and foremost.

Various creative minds have joined together in order to bring Lydia to life. Graphic novel artist Henri Tervapuro designed the game’s grey-scale graphics. The story, based on the team’s own experience with the subject, was written by award-winning author/journalist Juho Kuorikoski. The game even features an original score by film composer Juhana Lehtiniemi.

Platonic Partnership is an indie game studio from Ostrobothnia, Finland consisting of four game industry veterans. The company was founded in 2017 and Lydia is their first title together.

Lydia is now available for PC and Mac for $5.39 (normally $5.99) as a result of a special launch promotion ending on June 9. The game will also be coming to iOS and Android devices later. For more information on Lydia, check out the game’s Steam page. Provided below is the game’s launch trailer.