2Dark Developer Diary Delves Deep into the Horror Game's Core Concepts

2Dark asks players to investigate the disappearances of various children. The game's creators say that this survival horror title expects players to care more for the well-being of others rather than themselves.

2Dark is a new survival horror title from Bigben Interactive and the creator of Alone in the Dark, Frédérick Raynal. The first of the game’s Developer Diaries was just released, offering a glimpse into what the game is intended to evoke.

In theDeveloper Diary (seen below), Raynal talks about the game’s inspiration, elaborating on exactly why he feels this game is different from others in the survival horror genre.

“I’ve always wanted to make another survival horror game. Over the years, the genre has matured and I observed what became of all of the other survival horror titles out there.

2Dark’s gameplay was born out of a need to make something quite different. It seems to me survival horror games have become rather egotistical. I wanted to make a horror game altruistic. In other words, to do something else than to save your own skin.”

Raynal goes on to talk about the game’s core mechanics, but also what he expects will drive most players.

“The gameplay of 2Dark is an explosive mix of different mechanics. It’s an adventure game, but with dialogue, a game of stealth (you have to stay in the dark a lot), but its foremost and main component is ‘save the kids.'”

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2Dark follows former detective, Mr. Smith, as he must investigate a rash of child abductions. According to the official plot description, the game just gets darker from there.

“Use your cunning to infiltrate Gloomywood’s bastions of cruelty. Uncover the secrets of the deranged psychopaths within, seek retribution for their crimes, and bring the children to safety.”

2Dark releases for Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 10. Amongst other innovations to the survival horror genre, the game boasts that even the save mechanic can kill you.


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