2K Drive's Developer Diary Explores the 2K Drive Community and Console-Quality Races

By Masoud House

August 22, 2013

Lucid Games and 2K Games recently announced 2K Drive showed off a game that bring hardcore racing to iOS devices: now 2K and Lucid have released a developer diary which shows just how much variety and quality are going into the game.

With insights from Lucid Games’ Pete O’Brien, Craig Howard, Mark Craig, Pete O’Sullivan and Dan Stoneley, gamers can see why 2K Drive is as much about console quality racing as it is “car culture.” The video, which you can view below, includes details on keeping the 2K Drive community connected, taking on challenges, magazine-styled updates, and game mechanics.

Races are meant to be diverse, offering unique modes, including car football, an arena-based survival mode, a skill-based platforming mode, and modes for particular locations, like the speed run on the Salt Flats. 2K Drive also intends to have a wide range of cars and an emphasis on control and customization, with the developers talking about controlling the power of the car, having cars feel like they’re always “on the edge of performance,” and the ability to test drive and tune cars.

2K Drive will be releasing to iOS devices exclusively later this year; stay tuned for more details.


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