2K’s “Advent” Teaser Site Gets More “Hacking;” Reveal Might Come in One or Two Days

2K’s “Advent” Teaser Site Gets More “Hacking;” Reveal Might Come in One or Two Days

Yesterday we noticed that 2K Games’ “Advent” site is getting progressively “hacked,” and today we got more hacking, and a better idea of the pace at which the site is being butchered.

New elements have appeared. The header visual vhas now been hacked as well, with the ominous message “destroying your future”

The banner about Agent’s gene theory now threatens to Shackle you (click on the image ton start the animation).


A third (among four) testimonial has also been hacked with a missing notice, with the fourth also showing signs of impending hacking.


Finally, 2K also tweeted a new teaser image that doesn’t appear on the site, stating that Advent’s gene therapy “is a lie:”

The pictures that have been “hacked” today, shown signs of corruption yesterday, even if they weren’t fully hacked. Now all the pictures that are left show those signs, indicating that the site is probably going to be fully hacked tomorrow.

This seems to point to the rather clear possibility that the reveal of the game might come tomorrow or the day after, depending on whether the 2K intends to keep it fully hacked for one further day without spilling the beans, or the fully hacked site will immediately reveal the nature of the game.

Whatever the case, we’re probably going to know more in the next two days.