2K’s Extensive NBA 2K14 Patch Offers Gameplay and Technical Improvements

on December 23, 2013 8:52 PM

Visual Concepts has released a sizable new patch for NBA 2K14, on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The patch notes claim to improve on general gameplay issues, while addressing bugs affecting both consoles.

 “Our commitment to NBA 2K14 Next Gen is ongoing, as you can see with the level of depth in the 3rd patch.”

“This patch is a mixture of gameplay improvements and fixes for technical issues, including many MyPlayer cases.”

A quick summary of the detailed patch notes reveals the gameplay issues and bugs addressed by Visual Concepts. The patch addresses issues that were known to cause disconnects during head-to-head and Team-Up gameplay, and resolves a minor camera glitch, while adding an entirely new camera angle option. In addition, the dribble animations have also been tweaked for some players to allow smother animations, and situational AI behavior has been changed.

Xbox One specific issues addressed include game invites failing to go through, players entering an uncontrollable state when a secondary profile signs in,then out, blocked players still able to find each other in online matches, an issue where controller functionality would cease even though the controller is turned on, and an issue where the game would shut down when resuming from low-power standby mode.

For the full scoop on NBA 2K14 Patch 3, head over to the 2K Blog.

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