Truant Pixel’s 2MD VR Football Appears on Steam Greenlight; Won’t Have Early Access

Truant Pixel’s 2MD VR Football Appears on Steam Greenlight; Won’t Have Early Access

Following the announcement of 2MD VR Football by Truant Pixel, fans now have a chance to support the game on Steam Greenlight.

Following the announcement trailer released yesterday, Truant Pixel launched its virtual reality take on football on Steam Greenlight, pretty much revealing that PC is one of the “virtual reality platforms” the game is bound for.

The Greenlight page, prompting Steam users to show their support, can be found here.

Interestingly, the indie developer mentioned that the team decided to reveal the game only when it was very close to completion. With no further funding necessary, there won’t be any crowdfunding or early access, and the game will release as a full-featured game.

You can read the full message below:

“For those curious, we waited until 2MD was very close to completion before announcing the title. All the assets were created in-house, and we are fully self-funded as well (no crowdfunding necessary 🙂 ). We have also decided to forgo any kind of early access version in favor of releasing a complete, polished game. We developed the concept behind this game first as a side project, and it was actually so addictive (we found ourselves looking for any excuse to play it in the studio) we dedicated additional resources to it to turn it into a fully featured title. It is the product of a ‘gameplay first’ philosophy, rather than a VR tech showcase. That’s why we made sure the trailer featured one continuous gameplay loop from the opening snap to the first touchdown.”

We also get a few screenshots, that you can enjoy in the gallery.

While 2MD VR Football is pitching its presence on Steam, we don’t know if it’ll also be launched on other platforms.