30 Seconds To Mars Tells Dragon Age: Origins “This is War”

on November 4, 2009 11:27 AM

Before you go and think anything crazy, no, 30 Seconds to Mars is NOT declaring war against Bioware’s newest RPG Dragon Age: Origins. However, their new song This is War, which is off their new album that drops December 9, is the headlining song to the soundtrack. A new trailer featuring the song has been released, and it was co produced by lead singer Jared Leto. Leto is an anomaly of sorts, an actor that successfully pursued a career in music. Think that I am lying? Check out this Bruce Willis classic, or maybe Keanu Reeves musical vision

I digress.

“We always like to push the envelope in the entertainment and media space and debuting our title track in a game of this caliber is a great way to communicate our music to fans around the world,” said Jared Leto, lead singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars. “We’ve come a long way from having to rely solely on radio to approach and engage music fans, and Dragon Age: Origins is the perfect game to do this with.”

30 Seconds to Mars is a band that is known for its visually inspired/spectacular, cinematic music videos, and to see their music paired up with the breath taking footage from Dragon Age: Origins just fits. Although many may think of 30 Seconds to Mars as a band riding a fad, even me at one point, I really think that they have found their niche, guyliner aside. Check out the trailer after the break.

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