343 Industries Details Changes Made to Halo Wars 2

343 Industries Details Changes Made to Halo Wars 2

Developer 343 Industries has revealed some of the changes made to Halo Wars 2 due to fan feedback from the beta that took place earlier this summer.

One of the biggest complaints was connectivity, de-synchs, and other network issues. Those issues will have been address by the final game. Lots of small improvements have been made to the controls, leader abilities, bases, resources, and population.

Control schemes have been modified to make it easier for players to accomplish what they want. There will most likely be multiple configurations at release so players can find what suits them best.

Leader Powers will be more clear as to their use, and the evolution trees will be distinct.

Bases will better showcase their current damage level, and show when they are working on creating or upgrading a unit.

Building supply depots and reactors took up too much space due to the high cost of anything, so those will be scaled back. Early game will require supplies, while late game needs will require power. They want to make the balance between power and supplies meaningful, as each will enable a different source of upgrades.

Lastly the unit cap will be raised so players can engage with and utilize more units.

343i thanks players who participated in the beta and announce more changes will come, and that there will be a wide range of modes in the game. If you get the chance, the game will also be playable at Gamescom and PAX West, and another beta will be on both Windows 10 and Xbox One in early 2017 before launch.