343 Industries Shares Their Favorite Community Forge Maps and Tease New Map for January

Recently 343 Industries combed through the wealth of community maps made in the new forge mode for Halo 5: Guardians and shared a few of their favorite picks.

First is Mongoose Sumo by Turbtastic which is a small map where Spartans struggle on Mongoose to hold the center area. Last one standing wins. Next is Kronos by Zaelkyria, a 2v2 map made with forerunner objects. Remembrance by AnonFriction is a remake of Ivory Tower from Halo 2, one of the fan favorites. Lastly was Simulation made by Berserk on XBL & Lil Black Bubba, a recreation of Halo 3‘s The Pit and Halo 4‘s Pitfall and a breakout map made for Halo 5’s new Arena mode.

January’s update, Infinity’s Armory, is in progress at the studio, and will be dropping “towards the end of the month,” according to the developer, who also shared the first screenshot of a new map, which is the first image in the gallery below.

Featured playlists going forward, beginning with Team Arena this week, will be doubling the XP rewards. Team Arena is also going to be receiving a boost in the amount of REQ points earned per minute.

Forge playlists are currently in the work, as a way to bring in the top custom maps to competitive matchmaking. Lastly, Infected has been added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection playlists now as well, and some other updates have improved its matchmaking.

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