Bloodborne's Hidetaka Miyazaki Talks About Anxiety for Launch, the Relationship with Sony and More

During the Bloodborne press tour in Tokyo, I had a chance to talk face to face with the man behind it all,Hidetaka Miyazaki, in a co-op interview alongside my Italian buddies Antonio Fucito from and Francesco Bossetti from

Miyazaki-san mentioned quite a few interesting details. First of all he explained that now that we are just a few days before release, his feelings are 30% expectation for people to finally enjoy the game, while for the remaining 70% he’s really nervous and scared. It was the same for Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls just before launch. It’s a very nervous time for him right now.

Miyazaki-san also explained that he really enjoyed the collaboration with Sony on this project, and they provided a great deal of support technically, but also for example with the “great orchestral recordings.” It’s been a really great project to work on.

Then things turned light-hearted:

In terms of being nervous about keeping SCE satisfied, it’s better to say yes to that (laughs and indicates Sony’s Promoter Yasuhiro Kitao). There’s SCE staff there in the corner that is watching with scary eyes. (laughs).

Asked whether he feels that Bloodborne is more connected with Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls, he responded that it’s a difficult question. There are similarities and differences compared to both Demon’s and Dark Souls.

In terms of the action and pace of the game, it’s a little closer to Demon’s Souls, but the way that the areas are all linked together may be similar to Dark Souls, but again, on the other hand, having a central hub area to and which you can warp to and from is close to Demon’s Souls.

There are also a lot of different things that are similar to both games and a lot of differences across both of those games as well.

The setting is different from the previous Souls games, but the way it’s narrated and the way in which it encourages the user to use his imagination, assumption and understanding to find things out, are the style in which Miyazaki-san likes to tell the story, and that hasn’t changed for Bloodborne. It’s open to the interpretation of each of individual player.

Moving on to weapons, there have been various that have been revealed, but that’s not everything. There may be something that we’ve seen in some artwork, or something similar in the final game, but each weapon, compared to a lot of other games out there, is very unique. They also have the transforming mechanics.

In terms of the different categories it might not seem that many, but there’s definitely more weapons to be seen than what has been revealed so far.

Miyazaki-san then explained that he’s “super happy” that there are so many people anticipating Bloodborne. Many players played the Souls games, that initially were thought to be dedicated only to a handful of core users. Yet, in terms of who his games are aimed at, he doesn’t really categorize people separately. He likes to make games that are fun for any gamer. It’s not a matter of how old they are, whether they’re casual gamers or hardcore gamers, if they come from North America, Europe or Japan.

Usually, the publisher will ask who a game is aimed at, because they can plan the marketing around it, but it’s not something Miyazaki-san thinks about. He just makes a game that is ultimately fun to play, and if as a result the game is now appealing to a lot more gamers, then that’s something he’s very happy about.

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