3D Dot Game Heroes Update Adds Sackboy!

3D Dot Game Heroes Update Adds Sackboy!


I bet you didn’t think you’d see a patch for 3D Dot Game Heroes, did you? This appears to be a North America-only patch for the time being, but today if you boot up 3D Dot Game Heroes, you’ll get to download patch 1.01, which adds and fixes a few things – most notably adding everyone’s favorite Sony mascot as a playable character in the game. In addition to Sackboy, Atlus added in 50 user-submitted designs from the game’s sharing site.


Here’s some details about the new playable characters and the other changes that will be available in this update:

  • 50 New Characters: You can now find many of the fan-created heroes from the Hall of Heroes in your menu!
  • Loading Art Gallery: A bug fix was added to restore previously absent loading art images so they will randomly appear and be viewable in the Loading Art Gallery.
  • Dash Circuit and New Game +: The Dash Circuit completion times have been adjusted, making things a bit easier. Certain swords will now also carry over to a New Game +.

So, if you’re a 3D Dot Game Heroes fan, like I am, you might just want to toss that game back in your PS3 and check out these new changes.