3D Dot Heroes Is Coming To Europe

3D Dot Heroes Is Coming To Europe

Southpeak Games has teamed up with Altus to make sure the PS3 exclusive 3D Dot Heroes will see a release in Europe. The two publishers are working together to try and make a simultaneous NA and EU release a possibility.

3D Dot Heroes is a game with plenty of personality. On the surface, it looks like a 3D version of Zelda. It has a sword and board wielding protagonist, that runs around and traverses through multiple dungeons, hell even the music sounds similar.

However, the game has quite a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, especially when it comes to graphics in gaming. The game starts in a 2D landscape, but the King decrees that 2D is outdated and the world changes to 3D while still retaining the 8-bit look.

This game takes the classic Zelda formula, but it adds some modern gameplay features to the game as well. These include a leveling system for your weapon, as well as a customization feature for your character and their swords.

This is a game will hopefully re-awaken the retro gamer in all of us, especially if you grew up with the NES (which, sadly, some of you DIDN’T). Look forward to this one in May 2010, the 10th in NA, hopefully the same in EU if Atlus and SouthPeak can work this out.