3D Gaming: Why not?

3D Gaming: Why not?

Gaming community, I have to ask the question: what’s next for us? We have our HD and we have our next gen. Titles such as Uncharted 2 swarm the shelves and enter the delighted grasps of excited customers, selling and impressing due to the fact that we’ve now reached a stage where games just really can’t “suck” anymore. I mean, sure – they can play bad, look bad and even sound bad, however there’s no developer around who physically aims to step backwards in terms of production. No creator has been in hibernation since the Playstation 1 era and has come out on this day seeking funding for his latest “Spyro: Enter the Dragon #2” title.

So this is where my question comes into play. This morning, I paced the empty rooms of my lonely house in nothing but ejaculate-stained underwear and a sombrero, thinking long and hard about what I felt should come next. And then it hit me… A fully, immersive 3D title! AND IT’S POSSIBLE!!

You see, I knew that cinema’s shelled out thousands upon thousands for ‘3D capable screens’, but I never fully understood why. If you, like me, feel TOTALLY rebellious – and during a 3D picture take off your RealD glasses, you’ll notice that the screen is just slightly blurry. Then you wonder – well, anyone could do that? Just blur the picture a bit, get the special glasses and bob’s your uncle. However, delving into further research I realized that screens have specific dimensions to allow the appropriate vision for a human eyes width, and alongside this – must be specially coated so that light is not absorbed by the screen, but is instead reflected out into the audience.

So fair enough, it isn’t plausible to make everybody in the world replace their TV sets with special light-reflecting cinema-sized monstrosities in order to play a few 3D games. But what about those funky blue and red glasses? Yeah – you know the ones! For the kids you had Spy Kids 3D, and for the adults My Bloody valentine etc. It was possible to replicate the 3D element at home on standard TV sets just by using those glasses! So why don’t developers work on this? Imagine the possibilities of having 3D games!

Horror games would be more intensified for a start; imagine having to turn around in Condemned 2 or Dead Space and seeing mutated faces screaming at you A MERE INCH AWAY FROM YOUR NOGGIN’? Or what about shoot em’ ups? Imagine if you were just running along, playing a bit of Call of Duty, and as you avoided enemy fire you saw the barrage of bullets fly straight past your soldier and into your human face? Family and party games could perfectly implement this, having a household icon such as Sackboy or Sonic come out of the screen and personally talk to all the kiddywinks, tutoring them or chatting them up – who gives a damn! IT’S 3D!

All we need is a bit of blue and red welded into the graphics and we have a recipe for the next stage in gaming. Guys – I look forward to hearing your comments suggesting what titles would work well in 3D and why, along with whether or not you think this is a good idea.

Many thanks for reading.

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Gary Marston

Hey there, the name’s Gary Marston! I currently reside in the small (and by small, I mean absolutely tiny) hamlet of Bretford, close to Birmingham in the United Kingdom. My main interests in life are entirely media-related. I’m a keen film-maker, journalist, performer and writer, however when I can – nothing entertains me more than settling down in front of the old trustworthy Playstation3 and immersing myself in a brilliant game! I'm very open minded when it comes to gaming - however I am a man's man... don't try pushing Barbie: Shopping Adventure on me DualShockers, cos I'm not that open minded!!

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