3D Platformer A Hat in Time Receives New Gameplay Trailer Showing off the Game’s Unique Structure

3D Platformer A Hat in Time Receives New Gameplay Trailer Showing off the Game’s Unique Structure

Denmark-based developer Gears for Breakfast has released a new video showing off a bit of gameplay footage for A Hat in Time.

Today, Denmark-based developer Gears for Breakfast released a new gameplay video for its upcoming 3D platformer A Hat in Time. This new stretch of gameplay footage comes off of the heels of the previous trailer for the game which Gears for Breakfast released last month.

If you’re unfamiliar with A Hat in Time, then that’s understandable. Here’s a quick description of just what the game is courtesy of Gears for Breakfast:

A Hat in Time tells the story of Hat Kid, a twee little space-traveling girl who finds herself stranded on a bizarro planet made up of weirder and weirder dimensions full of all kinds of nasty adversaries like evil spirits, lunkheaded mobsters, evil birds and more. Hat Kid must explore these levels using a range of magic-infused hats that she stitches together herself from items found in the environment, find the missing time pieces and get back to her spaceship. Just a normal day for a little girl in a big hat.

The gameplay we see in this new video takes place in just one of the acts of A Hat in Time’s larger fourth chapter. This act is titled, “Murder on the Owl Express” and takes influence from noir murder-mysteries. The video shows off the main character Hat Kid as she tries to uncover clues that could lead her to discovering who the murderer on the train is. At the end of the trailer, Hat Kid must use the evidence in her possession to decide who the culprit is.

A Hat in Time’s Director, Jonas Kaerlev, spoke a bit about this level of the game and the team’s reasoning for designing it to play in this manner:

“‘Murder on the Owl Express’ is just one example of how we want the players of A Hat in Time to be constantly surprised by where the game takes them. It’s not always about exploring bright and colorful outdoor worlds while collecting items and traversing platform puzzles. Sometimes A Hat in Time is about the unexpected, like finding yourself in a movie on a train trying to solve the murder of an owl and discovering that Hat Kid’s uncle’s sister is nothing more than a cardboard cutout.”

While A Hat in Time is primarily a platformer, it’s cool to see that Gears for Breakfast doesn’t mind playing around with the structure of the game a bit. If this level alone is this unique, then it’ll be intriguing to see what the remainder of A Hat in Time’s areas play like.

You can find today’s new gameplay trailer below for your own viewing pleasure. While A Hat in Time still doesn’t have a concrete release date, it is scheduled to arrive this fall on PC and Mac.