This 3D Printed Creation Turns Your DualShock 4 Into a HOTAS Suitable For Star Wars Squadrons

DualShock 4, standing by.

October 9, 2020

If you’re been wanting a more realistic flight-experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator, or even Star Wars Squadrons, but you don’t want to fork out that money for a flight stick, then this creator has you covered. Using the power of a 3D printer in addition to a DualShock 4, you’ll be able to turn the controller into your own makeshift HOTAS.

Reddit user moinen, otherwise known as Akaki Kuumeri on YouTube, shared their creation which includes 3D printing some attachments that can be easily snapped together and connected to the DualShock 4’s analog sticks. The video shows the construction process and then shows it being used to fly a plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It comes with two joysticks, with one being the lever to control the speed on the left, only capable of being moved up and down, and then the one on the right allows for full control for steering.


So while the general function seems suitable for linking up to Microsoft Flight Simulator’s relaxing steering layout, it is not suitable for the recently released Star Wars Squadrons. However, the video also shows off Akaki’s adapters that allow you to play that game with ones that have triggers and strings.

The sticks can be 3D printed and easily assembled as with the other, but this time, both sticks allow for full control of the analog sticks. The ones in the video come with two triggers each that connect to the DualShock 4 and can be used to pull the triggers and bumpers down, allowing you to get full control of your zoomy spaceship and weapons as you fly through the stars. The video shows the sticks in action, and honestly, it looks like a lot of fun.

Akaki does admit that it’s “a bit flimsy” which is understandable given the high-octane action that comes with Star Wars SquadronsBut it’s certainly a cool idea, especially if you have access to a 3D printer. And with all these flying games coming out, I’ve personally heard that finding a good HOTAS has become a bit troublesome.

The details on how to download and print the single-trigger version are available here for free, but if you want the premium trigger and thumb button version shown in the video, you’ll have to grab the files on Etsy. You can also get the simple version of the files just for flight control, with no buttons or trigger for the Xbox 360 controller, Xbox One controller, and the. Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Akaki does say they may look into making a trigger version for the Xbox One controller, but given that the triggers are stiffer than the DualShock 4, it might be a bit tricky.

Obviously, the trigger version of this has been created most likely with Star Wars Squadrons in mind, but its creation and ease-of-use seems to leave the list of games to play open to those who don’t mind fiddling with button inputs.

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