3D YouTube Heading to PlayStation 3

3D YouTube Heading to PlayStation 3


Mick Hocking of Sony Worldwide Studios has let it be known that not only will the Sony PlayStation 3 be rocking 3D (a.k.a. Stereoscopic 3D or 3D HD) video games, images, and videos via Blu-ray video games, downloadable games, home made videos/pics, PlayTV services, Blu-ray 3D movies, and more but also 3D YouTube will be included in these features. Yes, you can say this is not important to you because you don’t have a 3DTV yet but the thing is you will some day and so will everyone you know.


The HD revolution did not happen overnight, but it happened. Every major content producer of movies, television, and sports programming has been stacking up 3D HD content since 2008 or earlier, so it is truly just a matter of time before they start pushing it hard and there is no shortage of content. Get ready for the next wave of entertainment!