3DS and PS4 Dominate Japan; Bloodborne Drops to 5th Because it Was Sold Out in Many Stores

3DS and PS4 Dominate Japan; Bloodborne Drops to 5th Because it Was Sold Out in Many Stores

Today Media Create released its full top 50 sales chart related to the period between March 30th and April 5th, showing some quite interesting results:


The hardware chart was as follows:

  1. PS4 – 26,738
  2. New3DS LL – 22,183
  3. PS Vita – 21,584
  4. New3DS – 8,242
  5. Wii U – 7,486
  6. PS3 – 5,743
  7. 3DS L – 2,256
  8. 3DS – 1,893
  9. Xbox One – 902
  10. PS Vita TV – 672

The research firm also posted a detailed analysis of last week’s sales performance, including the explanation on why Bloodborne dropped to 5th place (which is still a quite good result for a game on its second week).

The title was sold out in many stores, causing a sharper drop in sales than what it would have suffered if it was widely available.

Total software sales were 817 thousand copies, which were 63.60% compared to last week.
Due to intensive releases of popular titles last week, a ratio of new software sales to total software sales plunged from 69.55% last week to 40.29% this week.
Meanwhile, old software sales increased to 124.72% of last week, so old titles such as last week’s popular titles led the whole market.
Sales of “Bloodborne” for the PS4 greatly decreased to 14.82% of last week (from 153 thousand copies last week to 23 thousand copies this week) because many retailers were out of the title and suffered a opportunity loss.

Debuting at the top spot, “3rd Super Robot Wars Z: Heaven Prison chapter” sold 230 thousand copies in 2 platforms (109 thousand copies for the PS3, 121 thousand copies for the Vita).
Its sales fell below combined sales of previous installment, “3rd Super Robot Wars Z: Time Prison Chapter” released in April 2014 for 2 platforms, which had sold 271 thousand copies (142 thousand copies for the PS3, and 128 thousand copies for the Vita).
As for the sales breakdown, sales for PS3 edition decreased by more than 30 thousand copies, while Vita edition kept almost the same sales volume as previous installment, so it can be said that Vita edition successfully kept fans of the franchise compared to PS3 edition.

“Xenoblade,” which was the first exclusive title for the New3DS, sold 57 thousand copies (sell-through rate: 58.66%), falling below initial weekly sales of its Wii edition released in 2010 (83 thousand copies; sell-through rate: 76.29%).
Since sales of the New3DS system (the New3DS + the New3DS LL) slightly increased by 4 thousand consoles from last week, its hardware pulling effect is limited.

After two weeks of full fledged PS4 domination, Sony’s new console has been pushed back to second place by the 3DS, that sold 34,574 unit counting all its versions. That said, the PS4 still managed to hold quite solidly despite the lack of brand new titles, selling 26,738 units, and placing itself firmly at the top of home consoles.

We’ll have to see if this kind of momentum will keep up in the following weeks, but so far so good.