3DS and PS4 Keep Dominating Japan; Dying Light Does Well and Xbox One Version Even Makes the Top 50

3DS and PS4 Keep Dominating Japan; Dying Light Does Well and Xbox One Version Even Makes the Top 50

Today Media Create released its full Top 50 sales chart, and it comes with some interesting data about the ins and outs of the Japanese market in the week between April 13th and April 19th, including the debut sales of Dying Light.

Techland’s zombie-filled game launched this week in Japan, and it did better than many could have expected. Take a look at the chart.

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The hardware chart is as follows:

  1. PS4 – 15,419
  2. PS Vita – 14,568
  3. New 3DS LL – 14,047
  4. Wii U – 6,324
  5. New 3DS – 5,324
  6. PS3 – 4,175
  7. 3DS LL – 1,309
  8. 3DS – 1,144
  9. Vita TV – 491
  10. Xbox One – 170

The 3DS continues to top the hardware chart if we count all of its versions combined, while the PS4 keeps on top of home consoles, even if its momentum is gradually slowing down after the perfect storm of big releases in the past few weeks.

Dying Light provides some interesting data. While Girls Mode 3 managed to top the software chart, probably due to the enormous difference in installed base, Techland’s zombie games grabbed second place, debuting positively in a difficult market for western games.

The Xbox One version of the game even managed to inch its way into the top 50, becoming one of the few games for Microsoft’s console to manage that feat. Even Final Fantasy Type-0 HD failed at that.

This seems to be another signal that the 50,000 gamers who purchased the Xbox One in Japan seems to be more interested in using the console for western games rather than for local experiences.

Unfortunately the game didn’t really managed to move consoles, as only 170 Xbox One units were sold in the whole country during the week.

Media Create’s own analysis mentions that total software sales were 381,000, which is 99.54% of last week. hardware sales were 63,000 units, which indicates a slump from last week (85.25%).

Girls Mode 3 sold less than its predecessor, that managed to sell 66,000 units in its debut week, but this series tend to have a long tail in the following weeks and months.