3DS Exclusive Ace Attorney 6’s Characters and Plot Detailed

3DS Exclusive Ace Attorney 6’s Characters and Plot Detailed

Did you catch yesterday’s screenshots from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6? Today, Capcom has released further information on some of the returning and new characters, as well as what we can expect in the story.

The first character, Ema Sky, is a female detective who previously aspired to be a forensic investigator. However, following many failed high school exams, she resigned herself to simply being a detective — one that happens to run into Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice in court often. Through the story, you will see her finally pass the forensic investigation exam and help directly on the crime scene.

Next on the list is Trucy Wright — Phoenix’s adopted daughter of nine years — who has been training to be an amateur magician. Some of Trucy’s tricks include making objects disappear with her handheld “Magic Panties” (you read that right) and ventriloquism with her puppet “Mr. Hat.”

The story will turn on Trucy, following a tragic dress rehearsal for her debut magic show. Viewed by Apollo and Athena, her fantastic show goes haywire when the dead body of her co-star (Mr. Menyo) makes an unexpected appearance. Following that, the stage starts falling into ruin with the props collapsing.

Following the incident, Trucy is quickly arrested and the disaster was broadcast live. Without the help of Apollo and his crew, Trucy could spend her life in jail, with her prospective career being in ruins. However, Apollo will be dace to face with a new prosecutor — Nayuta Sadmadhi — who is a well respected adversary.

Some other characters include another novice magician — Mimi Nanano — as well as a producer for a local TV station, Kanenari Shinoyama, who has a great sense of humor.

Last we heard about Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6, it was getting a Japanese release date set — June 9, 2016. While there is no set date for Western release, Capcom has previously announced that it will comedown the line.

Checkout some gameplay in a Capcom TV video below — the gameplay starts around an hour and forty minutes in.