3DS Exclusive Chase: Cold Case Investigations Gets Release Date, Screenshots, and Details

Aksys Games released some new details on their upcoming game Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~, coming to Nintedo 3DS eShop on October 13.

The game puts players in the role of a detective who is tasked with investigating old crimes and solving cold cases by searching for clues and interrogating suspects.

Director Taisuke Kanasaki (Hotel Dusk: Room 215), is responsible for this dark and gritty adventure mystery game.

The publisher details further:

Key Features

Investigate- Find leads by diving head first into old investigation notes, crime scene photos and eye witness reports as you put together all the pieces.

Interrogate- Once you have a solid lead, interrogate persons of interest to see what they do (or don’t) know. Grill perps by asking tough questions, but be careful! Ask the wrong questions and your Interrogation Gauge will deplete. Ask too many wrong questions and it’s Game Over!

Deep story-  5 years ago, an investigation into a mysterious explosion dead-ended without any resolution. Deemed an accident, the circumstances surrounding the case were never fully explained. Now, a new clue has reignited the case and shed new light on a startling revelation. Get pulled into a complex narrative of mystery and intrigue as the Cold Case Unit searches for the truth!
You can check out the new screenshots below:
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