3DS Exclusive Monster Hunter X: Streamers Are Showing More Gameplay from the Japanese Version

on November 29, 2015 2:32 PM

Monster Hunter X was released yesterday in Japan and highly anticipated by Japanese gamers who queued from very early in the morning to buy it. Some lucky western streamers like Arekkz already managed to get their hands on the game and are showing some more gameplay for you to enjoy. Be warned that these videos contain spoilers, so watch them at your own discretion.

The first video is from the demo and shows the Hunting Arts for all 14 weapons. Hunting Arts are new special – and very flashy – attacks that have different effects such as healing, buffing your party or dealing a whole lot of damages. They were first introduced in Monster Hunter X and each weapon has several Hunting Arts of its own.

The second video is from the full game and shows the very beginning from the character and Felyne customization tools to the village and the first quests. The third video is a tutorial which shows you how to use the online mode if you’re planning to import the game. Finally, the last video features the first form of the final boss.

If you are interested into seeing more gameplay – and do not mind spoilers -, you can check the videos out below. As of now, no western release has been announced for Monster Hunter X.

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