3DS Mario Game Officially Announced

3DS Mario Game Officially Announced


A while ago we told you Nintendo had plans for a Mario title on the 3DS. And then you all told us UH-DUUUUUUUUHHHHHRRRRRR.

Of course Nintendo has a Mario title in development, but now it’s been officially announced today by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata during his GDC keynote. Very little information about the title has been confirmed other than it’s in 3D, the game is being developed by the Super Mario Galaxy team, and the logo, seen at the keynote, has what looks like a raccoon tail coming from the O. This probably means the return of the Tanooki suit, while others have speculated the game may be a remake of Super Mario Bros 3. Here are a few other things it could be:

  • a poop
  • a fart
  • a thought bubble that reads, “Boy, I have to fart.”

While we’re still pretty close to the 3DS launch, I’m a little upset we didn’t get this title with the initial lineup. Nintendo hasn’t had a Mario game in a console’s launch lineup since the Nintendo 64. And no, Mario Advance and Super Mario 64 DS do not count.