3DS Said to Sell Better than the DS: Christmas is Around the Corner

on November 14, 2011 9:45 AM

Despite initial qualms about sale statistics of the 3DS system, Nintendo recently announced that provided the current rate continues, the 3DS will outperform the DS’s first year sales. Which, considering the fact the DS sold 2.37 million units during its first year on the market, and the 3DS has only sold 1.65 million in its first 8 months, leaves a pretty big gap.

Or maybe not, when you consider that half of the DS sales were made over Christmas, and the 3DS’s first Christmas is in a little over a month. I am only slightly ashamed to say that I will be one of those people. Despite my initial dislike of the system (I am not a fan of the incessant need we seem to have for everything to be in 3D) it was the bundle with that beautiful Legend of Zelda black and gold 3DS that got me.


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