Nintendo 3DS Passes 23 Million Units Sold in Japan; Switch Passes 1.2 Million

Nintendo 3DS Passes 23 Million Units Sold in Japan; Switch Passes 1.2 Million

Dragon Quest XI pushed the Nintendo 3DS over 23 million units sold in Japan, while Splatoon 2 keeps propelling the switch, which is now well beyond 1.2 million units.

Last week Square Enix released Dragon Quest XI for 3DS and PS4 in Japan, and like all Dragon Quest titles, it gave a major push to the consoles involved.

According to the latest Media Create sales charts, The Nintendo 3DS sold through to customers 142,600 units last week in Japan. Summing the new figure to historical data from the same source, we learn that the console is now well over 23 million units sold in the country. More precisely, it’s sitting on a total of 23,097,151 as of July 30th.

This isn’t the only milestone achieved by Nintendo consoles today. The Switch also got a smaller one by riding the wave of Splatoon 2 and easily passing 1.2 million units sold. The full tally as of July 30th is 1,286,300 units sold through to customers in Japan, thanks to 89,314 units moved last week. This has been achieved only five months after the console’s release on March 3rd.

Of course the 3DS isn’t the only console that was pushed hard by Dragon Quest XI. The PS4 also received a solid kick towards quite a few loving Japanese homes, with the console selling 93,356 units last week. Adding that to historical data we get a total of 5,095,722 PlayStation 4 units sold on the Japanese market as of July 30th.

Both Sony and Nintendo recently announced disclosed their worldwide shipments numbers for 3DS and Switch, and PlayStation 4 as of July 30th. Keep in mind that those are sell-in numbers to retailers. The figures included in this article are sell-through estimates to Japanese customers.