3DS, Vita and PS4 Dominate Japan; The Order Does Well and Halo Pushes Xbox One: Weekly Top 50 Released

3DS, Vita and PS4 Dominate Japan; The Order Does Well and Halo Pushes Xbox One: Weekly Top 50 Released

Like every week Media Create released its full top 50 sales chart, revealing some interesting data for the Japanese market related to the period between February 16th and February 22nd.

Here’s the full top 50 software chart:


Following, the hardware chart:

  • Vita – 35,203
  • PS4 – 24,737
  • New3DS LL – 23,466
  • New3DS – 8,657
  • Wii U – 6,070
  • PS3 – 5,810
  • 3DS LL – 3,343
  • 3DS – 2,707
  • Xbox One – 1,381
  • Vita TV – 731

The research firm also posted its analysis of the weekly sales:

Total software sales were 693 thousand copies, which were 99.82% of last week.
Since popular new titles have been released since last week, software sales leveled off and a ratio of new software sales to total software sales was 50.93%, which was almost the same as 55.03% last week.
Selling 234 thousand copies, “God Eater 2: Rage Burst” for the Vita grabbed the top spot.
With its PS4 edition selling 38 thousand copies, its sales across every platform amounted to 272 thousand copies.
Although they were around 70% of initial sales of its previous installment, “God Eater 2” (378 thousand copies across 2 platforms), it can be said that the latest one got off to a sound start, given that handheld version of latest one was only for the Vita, and that it was an update edition of the previous one.

Total hardware sales were 112 thousand copies, which were 106.27% of last week.
Sales of the Vita amounted to 35 thousand consoles, which were pulled by the release of “God Eater 2: Rage Burst” and by the launch of ‘Debut Pack.’
Its sales more than tripled to 322.94% of last week. According to retailers, many purchasers buy ‘Debut Pack’ with “God Eater,” so it seems that these launch promoted the users’ shift from the PSP to the Vita.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst definitely pushed the Vita and the PS4, even if the 3DS is still on top if we sum up the sales of all its models, with 38,173 units moved. Japan loves Nintendo’s handheld, and there’s no stopping that train.

Another signal of the 3DS’s solidity comes from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, that holds firmly in second place after its debut week at the top. And Zelda isn’t even the most popular Nintendo franchise in Japan.

Remarkable is also the performance of The Order: 1886, that debuts with over 25,000 copies. That’s definitely a good start for a new western IP in Japan, especially considering that it’s a shooter.

While the Wii U keeps underperforming due to the lack of strong new titles after the holidays  (and this seems to be the problem with the Wii U in Japan, with solid hits in-between long periods of drought), the Xbox One finally catches a breath of fresh air, jumping from under 200 to a little more dignified 1,381 weekly sales.

The upsurge in Xbox One sales is mostly due to the white Halo: The Master Chief Collection bundle, which was launched with a sizable discount, but even Dead or Alive 5: Last Round makes the top 50 for Microsoft’s platform, and that’s a rare sight.

We’ll have to wait for next week to see if Xbox One will retain this relative momentum.