3DS XL Dominates Japanese Sale Charts This Week After Sales Slouch

on April 2, 2014 10:46 AM

Nintendo is back on top, at least for this week.

After a slouch in sale the Nintendo 3DS XL has outsold all hardware competitors by almost 20,000 units in Japan.

With¬† 52, 124 handheld consoles sold, it’s way up from the 28,291 is sold last week, moving it from the number three spot to number one. Easily beating the other top sellers like PS Vita (35,374), PS4(30,201) and PS3 (15,455).

The boost in performance coincides with the release of the Monster Hunter 3DS XL bundle, Mario Party Island Tour, an upsurge in sales of Level-5’s Yokai Watch and the popular dating game¬†New Love Plus +.