Scott Pilgrim Gets Knives Chau DLC

Although the exact release date is not yet known, Ubisoft has revealed that next month they will release a DLC pack for their recent XBLA and PSN game Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, based on the comic book series and subsequent movie of the same title.

In addition to fixing glitches in the existing game and adding support for drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, the DLC will include several new game modes and a new playable character: Knives Chau. Previously, Knives was a supporting NPC, but this time her mother is the non-playable supporting character.

The new game modes are Battle Royal and Dodgeball, in both which players can use Knives as a character. Battle Royal involves a wrestling ring, where players must fight to stay in ring for as long as possible – once a player is thrown out of the ring for more than 10 seconds, he or she loses. And Dodgeball is exactly as it is in real life; throw a beach ball at each other, and if it hits you, you take damage.

The DLC will cost 160 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Arcade and $1.90 on the PlayStation Network.


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