47 Song Tracklist for Green Day: Rock Band

47 Song Tracklist for Green Day: Rock Band

width="317"Rock fans are getting another dose of one of the most successful bands today. Green Day, along with Harmonix, MTV Games, and Reprise / Warner Bros. Records have announced the entire list of 47 on-disc tracks that will be featured in Green Day: Rock Band. The game will launch worldwide on June 8, 2010 for the Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and the Wii.

“Seeing ourselves through the lens of this video game has been mind blowing,” said Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. “From the soundtrack set-list and venues to the unlock-able video footage and photos, Green Day: Rock Band undeniably manages to capture the best moments and work of our insane careers. We can’t wait for our fans to experience it.”

The Green Day: Rock Band track list includes two of the band’s most iconic albums: Dookie and American Idiot. A third album, 21st Century Breakdown, can also be played in its entirety when paired with the six tracks from that album already available as down-loadable content in the Rock Band Music Store for Rock Band and Rock Band 2. The track list features not only some of the band’s greatest hits, but also fan favorites that gamers want to see.

The game features 3 venues with each one representing a period in the bands career:

The Warehouse: A fictional venue that captures the feel of early Green Day shows and performances.              
Dookie (1994)

  • “Burnout”
  • “She”
  • “Having a Blast”
  • “Sassafrass Roots”
  • “Chump”
  • “When I Come Around”
  • “Longview”
  • “Coming Clean”
  • “Welcome to Paradise”
  • “Emenius Sleepus”
  • “Pulling Teeth”
  • “In the End”
  • “Basket Case”
  • “F.O.D.”

Milton Keynes: The UK concert made famous by Green Day’s 2005 movie for “Bullet in a Bible”.
American Idiot (2004)

  • “American Idiot”
  • “She’s a Rebel”
  • “Jesus of Suburbia”
  • “Extraordinary Girl”
  • “Holiday”
  • “Letterbomb”
  • “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”
  • “Wake Me Up When September Ends”
  • “Are We the Waiting?”
  • “Homecoming”
  • “St. Jimmy”
  • “Whatsername”
  • “Give Me Novacaine”

Additional albums available:

Warning (2000) “Minority” “Warning”
Nimrod (1997) “Hitchin’ a Ride” “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” “Nice Guys Finish Last”
Insomniac (1995) “Brain Stew” / “Jaded” “Geek Stink Breath”

The Fox Theater, Oakland: The place where Green Day performed an intimate show for the band’s most recent album.
21st Century Breakdown (2009)

  • “Song of the Century”
  • “¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)”
  • “21st Century Breakdown”
  • “Restless Heart Syndrome”
  • “Before the Lobotomy”
  • “Horseshoes and Handgrenades”
  • “Last Night on Earth”
  • “The Static Age”
  • “Peacemaker”
  • “American Eulogy”
  • “Murder City”
  • “See the Light”

Down-loadable Content
The following tracks are already available in the Rock Band Music Library of downloadable content giving players the chance to complete the full 21st Century Breakdown album, view unique performances and venue visuals, and unlock exclusive collectible content!

  • “21 Guns”
  • “Last of the American Girls”
  • “Know Your Enemy”
  • “¡Viva La Gloria!”
  • “East Jesus Nowhere”
  • “Christian’s Inferno”

Green Day: Rock Band pricing is as follows:

Green Day: Rock Band standalone game for Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 system
US MSRP $59.99; €59.99 / £34.99

Green Day: Rock Band standalone game for Wii system
US MSRP $49.99; €39.99 / £29.99

Green Day: Rock Band Plus for Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 system (US/Canada only)
US MSRP $69.99
Includes special packaging, free export ($10 value) and six Green Day DLC tracks (overall $22 total value)

Check out Green Day: Rock Band coming soon to a console near you. Rated T for teen.